Assassination of Jane Tipson

We reported with deep sadness and concern, that on the morning of 17th September 2003, that our Project Director and Administrative Secretary, Jane Tipson, was ambushed and murdered as she drove over the small bridge leading to her house returning from an animal rescue mission early in the morning. (Press articles etc. can be found on This tragedy happened a few hours after she had met and discussed the future with Lesley Sutty, the Regional Project Coordinator, at their St Lucia Office. It had several consequences on the running of Jane’s project and the production of the films for regional community based initiatives in the sub region, but it strengthened the resolve of the Coalition whose leaders in many cases have also been threatened at different times. Jane would be our first martyr.

Her death underlined the difficulties to be encountered when running a regional programme, which have far reaching impact on wildlife conservation and community stewardship. The ECCEA has though achieved many of their objectives despite this adversity. For several decades East Caribbean natural resources have been devastated by industry in general and the price paid by the region has reached
heights far beyond those imagined.

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