France and Netherlands toegether on Caribbean whale Sanctuary

Montego Bay, Jamaica
7th October 2010

France and Netherlands share common goals for whale Sanctuary  in the Caribbean

At  the  Fourteenth Intergovernmental Meeting on the Action Plan for the Caribbean Environment Programme and Eleventh Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention for the Protection and Development of the Marine Environment of the Wider Caribbean Region  being held in  Montego Bay, Jamaica this week,   France reconfirmed the establishment of a Marine Mammal Sanctuary “AGOA”  in their territorial waters  in the French Caribbean as of the 5th October 2010;  a maritime zone of 138,000,

 Netherlands Antilles in congratulating  France on this initiative  stated that they were developing a management plan within their established Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s),   of which the most recent is the Saba Bank ,  that would permit that part of the region to conclude a joint marine mammal sanctuary initiative with  France.    These joint initiatives and that of the Dominican Republic’s Silver Bank Whale Sanctuary will  considerably enlarge safe havens for marine mammals  and other forms of ocean life in the Caribbean.