Sub Project 8 - St. Lucia

Promotion of community based nature tourism: documentary back-up to the ECCEA regional initiative

Documentaire pour la promotion du tourism vert et culturel en tant que levier du developpement local - formation de techniciens

AADN and ADN produce documentaries that illustrate endangered peoples and species promoting alternative strategies that are beneficial to both communities and wildlife.

There is a video team that carries out skills building and training workshops for people of all ages This project is designed to complement the work of each of the sub-projects through the production of two documentary films which will illustrate the importance of community based nature tourism as a tool for sustainable development, highlight the benefits which accrue from it and promote nature tourism regionally and overseas.

The films will be both educational and promotional and designed to attract national and regional audiences and inform the public of the project areas. They will also increase the skills of the individual project coordinators, enabling them to promote their activities by training them in the production of audio visual material and other promotional tools.